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Moving, and you are STRESSED?

You are not alone.

Moving is always in the top ten most stressful life events.

We have helped hundreds of clients just like you to enjoy a stress-free move


Here Are Your Options:


  1. Use a full service moving company
  • As you may know, they can be expensive
  • Your property may be mixed with other freight, or unloaded/reloaded
  • You don't control when your property will be delivered
  • You cannot drop items off at more than one address
  • These companies are notorious for adding charges, at times hundreds or even thousands more than your original quote


  1. Use a container shipping company, like PODS®
  • Fine for storage, but almost impossible to pin them down to a delivery date
  • These companies are known to charge your credit card with unexplained weight, storage and delivery charges
  • Their customer service agents can be rude, unhelpful, even combative


  1. Rent a truck and move yourself.  Often economical and efficient, but consider:
  • A moving truck can be difficult to handle (all the more so when towing a car)
  • Driving long hours can be tiring and dangerous
  • In a large truck, city traffic can be very intimidating
  • A moving truck is not nearly as comfortable as your car
  • Safely driving through mountains or coping with bad weather is much more difficult


The costs you will incur if you do it yourself:

  • Truck rental
  • Packing supplies (if needed)
  • Help to load (if needed)
  • Gas
  • Food
  • Lodging


Or, have Rented Truck Driver drive your moving truck.

  • Every one of our drivers are thoroughly vetted with extensive background checks
  • Each driver is a trained professional with years of experience driving large vehicles
  • Our pricing is fair and transparent — no extra fees, ever
  • You save yourself a mountain of hassle and potential problems


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We Drive Your Rented Moving Truck So You Don't Have To

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