Why Hire a Pro to Drive Your UHaul?

Why Hire a Pro to Drive Your UHaul?

When you move from one place to another there are many things that suddenly get put on your "to-do" list. You need to figure out which of your possessions you will actually need at your new place. You need to list items you may want to buy new. You have to get boxes and bins for packing and find a way to pack without sacrificing too much just before the move. Some people take months to go through the process, while others do everything in a short amount of time. Regardless of your timeline, most of this needs to happen before you even call about getting a rented truck. By the time you get this far, you should realize there are several reasons to give yourself a break and hire a professional driver for your Uhaul. Here are just a few.Rented Truck Driver fueling up a 26-foot Uhaul truck

Moving is Exhausting

Just thinking about everything there is to do when it is time to move can be exhausting, let alone getting everything done. There are some who manage to just hire someone to do their packing and loading for them as well, and it is great when they can make that work financially. If you do need to do most of the work yourself, a driver can be a welcome sight and leave you with one less thing to worry about.

Driving a Uhaul is Not Like Driving Your Car

Uhaul trucks tend to be big and clunky. That's why most people don't go around driving a rented truck every day. There also is not a lot of seating, and it generally isn't the most pleasant ride. Because it is not a vehicle that is familiar to you, you'll need to pay extra close attention and be diligent about safety even more than you usually are. If you are moving with multiple people, there may also be an issue with fitting the people that need to move to the new place. Instead of worrying about your inexperience driving a Uhaul, you can have a little extra peace of mind knowing your professional driver has a proven good driving record and is experienced driving large vehicles on a regular basis, meaning you're off the hook and your stuff is safe.

You Can Get Your New Place Ready for Your Stuff

Whether you've purchased a new home or are going to an apartment, there are many things to take care of when you get to your new place. It is good to have a head start if you possibly can. If someone from your moving party is free to drive ahead of the moving truck you can have many of the busywork errands done ahead of time, like acquiring the keys and taking care of a check-in inspection. If these things are done, you can get to moving your belongings into your new place that much quicker and get on with your new life. No matter what the reason is for your move, any breaks you can give yourself can make a big impact on how this transition goes. Hiring a driver for your move is an affordable way to give yourself a bit of a break that will help you enjoy your new place that much faster.