Can I trust my moving truck driver?

Can I trust my moving truck driver?

I am often asked by clients “how do I know that I can trust your driver, he is taking all of my stuff?”

It is a fair question; you are turning over your possessions many of which may have sentimental value and can’t be replaced. 

I am confident in our drivers. 

They have all undergone a complete background check and I have spent countless hours talking to each and when the opportunity arises meeting them.  We share stories about our lives and sometimes I even speak with their spouse.  Additionally, they want to know as much about me as they can. 

Our drivers have all had successful first careers and they are not going to tarnish their reputation for anyone.

Now let’s look at the traditional moving industry, who is your driver?  The answer is you have no idea.  You first speak with a broker on the phone who you will never meet and who takes no responsibility for your items or your move.  The people who show up to your house to take your stuff may or may not be the people who deliver your items.  Most likely they are taking your items to a warehouse whose owner, and workers you don’t know. 

From there another set of drivers take your stuff. Again they may or may not be the drivers who deliver the items to the final destination.  The fact is that with a traditional moving company your items are touched by many people who you never meet. 

You don’t know the companies that are involved and have no way of completing a background check/internet search on them.  Besides the companies, you don’t know who their employees are, you will probably not interact with many of them. 

When I think of the traditional moving company I think of a shell game and your items are the ball under the shell.  The items are moved by various companies from one location to another, and most times are combined with the other people's belongings.  

Please always ask us “how do I know I can trust your driver” because we have an honest answer.  Ask the traditional moving company “who will be my driver” and see if they can even answer that basic question.