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Hire A Rented Truck Driver To Drive Your RV Anywhere In The US.

  • It is the most cost-effective way to transport your RV.
  • Scheduling is based on your specific needs.
  • We offer convenient door-to-door pickup and delivery.
  • The price we quote will be the true total, with no additional costs.
  • We NEVER broker out your vehicle.
  • We will also happily drive your pet as a value-added service.


Your RV is delivered within 24- 48 hours of pick up for drives under 1200 miles.

Every trip is priced on an individual basis. Our base price includes the driver, food, and motel. Fuel, tolls, airfare, and transportation to/from the airport are additional.

The vehicle must be titled in your name with proof of current registration "in" the vehicle, as well as insurance valid through delivery date. Disclosure of all known problems with the vehicle must accompany deposit.

A formal video walk-around vehicle with the owner to note the condition and sign off is conducted at the time of vehicle pickup for your convenience.

We will provide a professional driver to transport your RV with or without you as a passenger. We will drive your Motorhome to any vacation destination in North America. We deliver RV's nationwide, even to and from Alaska.

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