College Student Move In

Looking for a way to get your child’s car to or from school?

Rented Truck Driver College Move In ServiceWhen it is time for college student move in day, we can help! We will drive your vehicle filled with your student’s belongings to their College, University or Prep School dorm or house. We’re the auto-delivery experts. We will pick up the car and deliver it directly to your door or to the campus. We will even help unload it for you. Got more stuff than can fit in the car? Easily hire a driver for your Uhaul to drive your rented truck – and get a trailer to tow the car!

We also allow personal belongings in the car – so pack your student’s gear and we’ll deliver it along with the car. You can pack the trunk and rear seat up to the ceiling with everything you can fit.

Save on airfare. Let us do the driving, while your child rides along.

Typically, trips are 1 day turnaround from local colleges and schools in the Northeast. We drive to your child’s school and will help to unload suitcases and/or light stuff. For heavier items, like furniture or appliances have a team of ‘burly’ classmates standing by to assist.

Pack up your vehicle with your child’s belongings and give us a call at 866 637 3456 to schedule a pickup.

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