Towing And Trailers

Towing And Trailers

Towing And Trailers: You Rented A Moving Truck… But What Do You Do With Your Car?

How can you move to a new city and not have your car?

Starting a new job? You need your car.

 Having children to care for? You need your car.

Just want to be free? You need your car.


Towing and Trailers: You can use a traditional transport company:

  • But this method will take weeks and can even take up to a month before you can drive your car.
  • Never know where your car is the entire time its in transport.
  • Transport companies are notorious for damaging vehicles.
  • Dealing with brokers who never actually touch your car, so they really don’t care.


You can drive your moving truck and tow and trailer your car yourself:

  • Driving a large moving truck with a car in tow measures about 40′ long and that’s not easy to drive.
  • Getting into a gas station with a truck with a trailer is very difficult, especially when there are other vehicles in your way.
  • Negotiating corners with a large truck is hard enough as it is without adding a 20′ trailer.
  • Ariving into a full hotel lot and safely parking is almost impossible for a non-pro.
  • And don’t get caught having to back up a truck with a car in tow when faced with a low bridge or in a dead end situation!


Our vehicle in tow service empowers you. Plus, we get your car to you fast!

Towing and trailer your vehicle with us, you can receive your vehicle just days after it has been picked up. You know where both your car and belongings are during the entire transit time. Each day of your move, you will be in contact with both your driver and member of our in-house team. You will also be notified about where we are stopping each evening during the journey.

Our reviews are second to none! That means that we are honest and our quotes do not fluctuate by more than $150. The other guys will have add-ons that will end up costing you thousands. Please have a look at our stellar reviews on the BBB! You will not find better ones anywhere. We are A+ rated with them.


How Much Does U-Haul Auto Transport Cost?

Our price is low compared to traditional transport services. The cost for our service to tow your car behind your moving truck is about 15 cents per mile plus the cost of renting the auto transporter.


Is it Safe to U-Haul My Car?

We only use auto transporters to deliver your vehicle. With an auto transporter, all four wheels of your car are off the ground. That keeps it safe!


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