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Better than PODS for moving

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Take the stress out of your move with our help instead of PODS

  • Have your belongings delivered in days not weeks. We will drive your truck anywhere in the USA and deliver your belongings in five to six days. PODS will not deliver your belongings unless they have other clients in your area. You could wait weeks even months for you things. Remember they are a mobile storage unit, and the longer they keep your stuff the more you pay.
  • You always know where your belongings are. You have the ability to speak with your driver the entire time your belongings are on route. With PODS you will have no idea where your things are until just before they are delivered.
  • With our service your belongings will be delivered to any address in any city in the USA. Many cities, condominiums, co-ops and home owners associations will not allow POD like mobile storage units to be left on their property. Associations know that these eye sores can be left behind weeks even months after the move as seen in this KTNV news expose.

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Overall Satisfaction Rating 1 stars Based on 106 ratings submitted in the last year
Fēnix of Emeryville, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2019

My experience with PODS was absolutely horrible. I wish I had read the reviews beforehand, since every review of this place talks about how it sucks. Our POD was supposed to be delivered on Friday. They called and said they would be late but that we didn't need to be there for it to be dropped off. We were downstairs in the basement for most of the day. It never came, and by calling the call center (since the driver would never answer), we learned that the driver had stopped by, seen that our neighbor had a POD in their driveway, and decided to not drop ours off, because the driver (and the manager) thought it was a mistake. Like, what? We both took off work to be there to unpack that day.

They said it would come on Saturday, so we waited. We ended up spending hours on the phone with the call center to figure out why it hadn’t come and it was already hours after the window given. We had not heard at all from the driver this time. We found out that again, the driver had stopped by, and decided not to drop our POD off AGAIN. They said it was something about how the space we had reserved (our two car open driveway) was not good enough, ignoring the fact that we live on a private road with PLENTY of space to put the POD anywhere else near to the home.

We ended up driving to the local storage facility in Des Moines, WA because they would not pick up the phone for hours, and as we pulled up, two employees who were sitting in the front of the store, saw us, got up, and bolted. We saw one of them literally running away from us. HIGHLY AVOID this place. I agree with what others have said, save yourself the grief, stress, and money. We ended up having to hire movers to go with us to the storage facility on Tuesday to unload our stuff. It's so deeply ironic because in the storage facility, there are all these posters that talk about being great in customer satisfaction. And, that was just not my experience at all.

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